Frostie Review


Brand: Frostie

Location: Detroit, MI

Purchased at: Spec’s

Container: 12 oz clear glass bottle

Sold in packs of: Four

Date Reviewed: February 20, 2015


Color: Medium brown

Sweetener: Pure cane sugar

Nose: Wintergreen, vanilla, some anise

Fizz: Medium bubbles

Flavor notes: Wintergreen, mild anise, hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, sweet vanilla/caramel finish

Commentary: Pours with a short head that dissipates quickly.  Slightly lighter in color than “typical” root beers.  Fairly standard nose – wintergreen, vanilla, some anise.  The anise is milder in the flavor profile, which is more heavily wintergreen.  There are also light notes of nutmeg and cinnamon which fill out the profile a bit, followed by a nice sweet finish with suggestions of vanilla and caramel.  The fizz (which can be a little on the harsh side at times, but never overwhelmingly so) lasts strongly all the way to the bottom of the glass, so the soda holds its body pretty well – it didn’t give me a very creamy feeling in spite of the sweetness, which isn’t surprising given the short head and tingling fizz.  Overall, this seems like a fairly classic “sweet” root beer.

Summary: There isn’t a lot of rootiness going on in Frostie, nor is it terribly complex or interesting, but it’s quite drinkable.  The flavor profile is pretty well-balanced, the carbonation holds well without ever feeling excessive.  Still, I find it tough to give too much credit to (or, clearly, say much about) a root beer that primarily profiles as “sweet,” with the other flavors really only rotating around that.  (I know we’re talking about soda here, but I’m looking for more than just sweetness in my root beer.  If I just wanted sweetness I’d drink a cream soda.)  If that’s the kind of root beer you want, however, Frostie strikes me as one of the better examples of the form, with its consistent fizz and slightly fuller taste profile.  As such, I rate it a couple notches above average.

Grade: B-


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